Powerpro FI2000I

Powerpro FI2000I

Cobra FI2000 newest Fuel tuner on the market

Here at Time to Ride Motorcycle Shop in Fredericksburg VA we are always looking for more tools and parts to make the Motorcycle experience better. We have been carrying and installing Cobra products since we started. We recommend and stand behind Cobra products. Cobra is a well known company for producing top of the line Motorcycle exhaust and other motorcycle accessories. Cobra has been in business producing exhaust  for over 25 years. Cobra is still owned by the same two founders and continues to design and manufacture quality, innovative products for a wide variety of cruisers. Cobra was the first aftermarket accessories manufacture to customize the popular Japanese cruisers being sold in the USA.  Cobra proudly designs and produces all their products In the USA.

We had the opportunity to install the new Cobra FI2000 Pro Fuel Tuner on a Harley Davidson Fatboy. We have installed many different fuel tuners in the past including the Cobra FI1200. The New Cobra FI2000 is the most advanced fuel tuner available for the cruiser market. The FI2000 PowerPro Fuel Injection tuner is the first of its kind a auto tuner system that keeps up with your motorcycle. The Power Pro eliminates the need for a Dyno tuned map because the uses the latest smart chip technology to continuously read the bike’s EFI delivery at up to 80 times per second. The key to the FI2000 is Cobra’s CVT (Continuously Variable Tuning) which calculates the bike’s rate of acceleration by reading crankshaft rotation at the flywheel and changes in load just as a dynamo meter measures acceleration at the rear wheel.  With the measurements from the CVT system the FI2000 adjust the fuel to air ratio to maximize throttle response and performance. The Cobra FI2000 adjust to the rider and the bike constantly resulting in optimized performance and eliminates the need to ever have to tune the motorcycle again. The system adjust to any additional changes whether you install a new exhaust or engine overhaul the CVT system will analyze and adjust.  The Cobra FI2000 Power  is good investment and will definitely make a difference in the performance of your motorcycle.

If you are interested in more information about the Cobra FI2000 PowerPro fuel tuner contact us at Time to Ride. We can usually have the Cobra FI2000 in stock the next day and can install it for you.


The Progressive International Motorcycle Show is coming to Washington D.C on January 10 through the 12th. The Progressive International Motorcycle show  is on a 12 city tour and we are the 8th stop. The International Motorcycle show was started in 19982 and has continued to evolve over the years. The shows are open to the public and feature new products as well as all the new vehicles from 2014. The motorcycle industry is diverse and it is always a show to see it all come together. This is a great place to be if you live in the MD/DC/ VA area. There will be displays from well known manufactures and local shops representing the leading names. It looks like it will be a good weekend to find some indoor entertainment in this area.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show will be fun for any caliber rider and even those who don’t ride.  There will definitely be plenty of eye candy with all the leading manufactures being represented all the new bikes will be out there.  Alot of people been wanting to see the new Indian Motorcycle and the new Ducati series also Honda released some models this year you cant find in most dealerships. They also will feature J&P Ultimate Builder Competition which is one of the most diverse builder competition in the world. The JP Cylcles Ultimate Builder Competition is unique cause it reaches more builders and has many different classes of competition. There also will be plenty of local vendors and some of the national vendors like Motorcycle Superstore with large displays of OEM and Aftermarket accessories. You can also see the XDL Street Jam motorcycle Stunt Show full of performers that compete on a National level. The XDL Street Jam stunt show with a twist they actually perform in a one on one setting for a few different competitions along with spending time on the freestyle. In Washington the XDL show will bring special guest  Luke “Duke” Emmons.  You will also have opportunity to attend safety seminars that are helpful as well as equipment checks for helmets.  New this year also is the Progressive Garage that will feature all new slot car motorcycle race track to entertain everyone. At the Progressive Garage you can also be apart of live tank painting and other seminars. There also a ton of sweepstakes prizes from all the leading manufacturers that you have a chance to win. Its definitely worth your time be apart of the Progressive International Motorcycle show weather its in Washington DC or any of the other of the 12 cities.

Balancing Beads make a Huge Impact on Motorcycle Tires at Time to Ride

Time to Ride counteract Motorcycle Balancing beads

Counteract Balancing Beads for Motorcycle Tires at Time to Ride

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV repair shop replaces alot of Motorcycle Tires this time of year.  We have been selling and installing Counteract Balancing Beads designed for Motorcycles this summer. Time to Ride is always interested in new technology that will improve our ability or quality of work or when it significantly benefits our customers. We were introduced to this product in the spring and continued to follow up and receive information that told us the Balancing beads were worth the try. We have been pleasantly surprised how well this has worked for our customers. We have installed these beads on a variety or motorcycles with nothing but success.

Counteract Motorcycle Balancing beads already have a remarkable reputation and history. The ideas was patented and introduced to the Canadian market first then later brought to the US and other countries. The technology has been around since the 90s and has continued to improve. The Balancing Beads have been used on all types of tires from Semi Trucks to Motorcycles. The idea was created to help transport businesses gain even greater control over mounting fuel and equipment costs. Counteract Balancing beads is backed by  scientific studies that have helped  prove their effectiveness. The scientific study from Auburn University and user feedback has help the Counteract to continue to grow. The Counteract Balancing Beads have help to improve fuel economy, decrease tire wear and vibration while increasing comfort for the driver.

Counteract Balancing Beads makes Motorcycle Tire beads for all makes and models. Time to Ride has a great balancing machine but the balancing beads eliminate the need for wheel weights on your nice chrome rim. Counteract  Balancing beads also will continue to ensure your tire stays balanced over time as it wears down and takes road abuse. The Counteract Balancing Beads are designed to Improve fuel consumption and performance. The Balancing Beads will also help to eliminate vibration and improve comfort and Control. Come onin and talk to us about why you should install Counteract Balancing Beads in your Motorcycle Tires. Let us help to improve your next Time to Ride.

Time to Ride Virginia Motorcycle Inspection Station

Time to Ride open for Virginia State Motorcycle Inspections

Time to Ride Offering Virginia Motorcycle Inspections

Time to Ride of Fredericksburg ,VA  is a Full service Motorcycle and ATV repair shop and more. Time to Ride services all makes and models of Motorcycles and ATVS.  We strive to take Motorcycle and ATV service to the next level by offering quality service at competitive prices along with all the extras. We have a convenient location , Friendly knowledgeable staff and experienced technicians all packed into a comfortable environment here at Time to Ride. Time to Ride wants make every aspect of Motorcycle and ATV ownership as enjoyable as possible and we know buying and maintaining the vehicles can be the worse part.  At Time to Ride our goal is to make maintaining, repairing and purchasing Motorcycles and accessories as enjoyable as riding. We are excited to announce we are a Virginia State certified Motorcycle Inspection Station.

 Time to Ride is conveniently located in front the Fredericksburg Fair grounds and Motorcycle Inspections are available Monday through Friday 9Am to 5PM without a appointment. Time to Ride is building up our stock to try and have any parts needed to ensure your Motorcycle is able to pass and is safe for your enjoyment. At Time to Ride we are proud to be a authorized motorcycle inspection station and take pride in making sure your motorcycle is in safe operating order. Safety is top priority along with performance at Time to Ride we care for the Riders and the Motorcycle. Give us a call or stop on in when its Time for your inspection or if your Ride needs some maintenance or upgrades. Time to Ride is open Monday through Saturday 9am- 6PM we look forward to meeting your and your Ride.

Save the Dates for Thunder For the Cause a good reason to get out and Ride

Memorial Day Weekend THUNDER in Fredericksburg, VA

This Memorial day weekend Fredericksburg, Virginia is gonna be a great place to honor and celebrate our Freedom and how we got it. Thunder for the Cause is holding a three day long event from Friday may 25-27 to honor our Military and Vets and raise money for some great Local and national Charities. Thunder for the cause is a Proud Partner of the nationally recognized Rolling Thunder Inc of Washington D.C working together to provide a place for more riders to stay and enjoy the whole weekend and participate in one of the Largest Motorcycle rides in the Nation.

Fredericksburg is a great location for this event to be held this area is loaded with history and has quite a few other Memorial Day events that visitors could enjoy. The Fredericksburg Fair grounds is just a short cruise from over 4 civil war parks. There is many great rides that could start in fredericksburg whether you just wanna cruise in historic downtown Fredericksburg or you are looking for a nice ride in the country.  I would reccommend goin to the fredericksburg Battlefield when they light the candles for each person we lost there its amazing to see. Also if your visiting downtown fredericksburg think its mandatory to go to Carls Ice cream and get a cone or a milkshake. Theres Plenty to do to fill up your weekend if you have time to get out of the fairgrounds and enjoy our historic area.

There will be enough entertainment packed into the fairgrounds to keep you entertained but its never a bad Time to Ride. Check out all the events scheduled for the weekend at the Fairgrounds. Come out and help raise money for some great causes and enjoy other fellow riders. Lets have a good time but keep in mind of this great location and lets turn this into a tradition here. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.

New Michelin Commander 2 designed for American and Metric Cruisers

The New Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle Tires designed to outperform and last longer then the Competition

New Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle Tires at Time to Ride

The new Michelin Commander 2Motorcycle Tires are great tires from a well known Tire manufacture. Time to Ride is excited to be carrying the Michelin Commander 2 motorcycle tires in Fredericksburg, Va. Time to Ride is limited with what and how many tires they can stock so we get the tires that we know and trust. The Commander 2 is a new line from Michelin designed for American and Metric Cruisers. Time to Ride knows experience means knowledge and we know Michelin has over 100 years experience in rubber and Tire manufacturing. Michelin is a company that stands behind its product and Time to Ride stands for that. Michelin produces tires for many applications and industries from bicycles to space shuttles.Michelin is one of the top suppliers of American car tires and is a leader in Motorcycle and ATV markets also. The Majority of Michelin Tires and products are produced right here in the USA  and Michelin continues to invest into its factory’s and employees here in the USA. Michelin understands that a product can only be as good as the materials it is made of so they continue to use only the highest quality raw goods. Michelin is built on experience but continues to develop new production procedures and advancements in materials due to its large investments in to research and testing. They say you cant reinvent the wheel but Michelin continues to make it better. Michelin is also concerned about what effect their product and operations have on our environment and they show this by participating and leading studies that show the effect tires have on the environment. Michelin provides a superior product and is a company that Time to Ride is proud to represent.

The Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle tire built for American and Metric cruisers is a first class Motorcycle Tire. The Commander 2 from Michelin fits many different motorcycles check out Michelin’s website for a complete list or Call us at Time to Ride to see what Michelin has for you. Time to Ride Motorcycle Shop knows how important tires are for the performance and safety of your Motorcycle. The Michelin Commander 2 has many features that helps award them a top recommendation at Time to Ride. At the top of the list for the Commander 2 motorcycle tire is the advancement in longevity the Commander tires have proven to last almost twice as long as the competition. When it comes to Motorcycle Tires longevity is a big factor and really adds to the value. Other factors that makes the Commander 2 stand out out in comparison is:

Michelin Commander 2 side view

Side view of the Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tires

Excellent Handling and Stability due to

  • Amplified Density Technology:  A dense, rigid tire casing that enhances feel,Handling and response
  • Aramid tread plies in the rear tire resist centrifugal growth and reduce weight, for excellent stability even at highway speeds
  • All-new rubber compound formulated to improve grip on wet or dry roads, and add to durability

Eye Catching Effective New Look

  • Eye Catching one of a kind new tread design
  • A premium sidewall that enhances cruiser styling
  • Innovative longitudinal tread pattern designed to improve water evacuation and grip on wet road

The innovative design and advanced materials combine to make a longer lasting Motorcycle tire that out performs the competition. The Commander 2 is will add to the performance and and look of your cruiser which in return adds to the enjoyment of the cruise. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy their Time to Ride.

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV shop here in Fredericksburg, Va sells and installs the Commander 2. Come on in to Time to Ride and let us help you with your next set of Motorcycle Tires. Come on in or give us a call and talk to our staff about the right tires for you. We have already sold and installed a few pairs of the Commander 2 and will be getting some more feedback soon, If you have any feedback or opinion on Michelin or the Commander 2 tires we appreciate your comments here. Are you ready for your Time to Ride?

National Powersports Retail Convention

Time to RIde heading to the National Powersports Retail convention

Time to Ride is suiting up for the 2012 National Powersports Dealer Expo. in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the largest Powersports retailer convention in the USA. The National Powersports Show will feature hundreds of manufacturers of everything in the powersports industry. There will be suppliers there for Motorcyles and ATVs displaying there newest and best products. This show is great for us and we are excited to be able to attend. Time to Ride is a company of riders so we get just as excited about new products and seeing the latest Motorcycles and ATVs. Time to Ride is finishing the construction and looking forward to stocking our shelves and showroom with some great products before spring. We will be updating  our blog and Youtube channel while at the National Powersports Retailer Expo. so you can follow us and get some great information on some accessories for your Motorcycle or ATV. Time to Ride also has a Twitter page where we will be sharing news and events from the Powersports Expo. If are not following us yet check Time to Ride out on Facebook, Twitter and follow our blog. Facebook and Twitter will be used for sales and services specials and news. Our blog will be full of informative information on events, places to Ride and product reviews.

The National Powersports Dealer Expo. is held in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 17-19 2012. This dealer convention is the largest business to business trade show for the Powersports industry in the world. The National Powersports Retailer expo is held in the Indiana Convention center one of the Largest convention centers in the nation. The Indiana Convention Center is a State of the Art building with an amazing layout and conveniently located in the heart of the historic downtown Indianapolis. The Convention Center is connected by sky walks to more hotels then any other convention center. Indianapolis is also the Home to the Superbowl in 2012 to bad we cant attend both.  This will be my first trip to Indianapolis and to the Dealer Expo so I am really looking forward to the experience. I will be posting alot of pictures on the blog from the downtown city to as much as i can cover.

If you are in the Motorcycle or ATV business this is where you wanna be. There is gonna be tons to learn and to see there for powersports dealers. Time to Ride will be busy trying to take in as much as we can a busy 3 days. There is just so much to see we have been trying to plan out what booths we need to attend and a strategy to visit as many as possible. There will be all the top names in manufacturers of parts and accessories and ATVs and Motorcycles. The Dealer Expo floor layout is great with segmented product and lifestyles areas which will make buying easier. This makes it convenient to compare similar products offer by different manufactures. Time to ride is also excited about attending some the 30 different retail and business education seminars. Time to Ride is planning to buy and sell used Motorcycles and ATVS so we will be checking out the National Powersports Auction that will be held there. The National Powersports aution is the largest auction set up just for Powersports Industry. There is gonna be so many things to do and see in just 3 days. Time to Ride is ready to to go exerience the Dealer Expo and gain some knowledge about new products and techniques to better serve our customers. Keep up with the latest news from the Powersports Dealer Expo with Time to Ride. Be sure to join us on facebook and Twitter.

Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tires perfect from the Street to the Track

Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tires everything you can ask for in a High Performance Tire for your Street Bike

Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tires built and Engineered for Performance on Street and the Track

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV Shop in Fredericksburg VA is stocking Tires and more for the customers convenience. We know how important Motorcycle Tires are for safety and the comfort of the ride. We have chosen a few different types and styles that we are keeping in stock. Time to Ride will add more selection as we get closer to the spring. We can order any tire you want and get it most orders in within about 3 days. Stop on by or call us at 540-374-0587 for prices on the tires you want or talk to our knowledgeable staff about what you are looking for in your next set of tires

Dunlop has been a well known manufacturer of all types of Tires. Dunlop has been producing quality rubber tires since 1900 thats history in the making. Dunlop has produced everything from bicycle tires to aircraft tires that’s Experience. Dunlop is constantly evolving with better engineering and components to be one of the most recommended tires on the road. Dunlop is a well known name in all of today’s Motor Sports where they can display and test new technologies. Dunlop is one of the most trusted names in motorcycle tires known for there quality and ability to meet and exceed riders expectations. Dunlop produces tires for any type of motorcycle as well as performance tires for dirt bikes. Dunlop Tires are are top of the line and are an exceptional value try them out for yourself you will be glad you did.

The Dunlop Sportmax Q2 is one of the best tires for your street bike. The Sportmax Q2 is engineered to be the perfect tire from the street to the track. The Dunlop Q2 seems to be light years ahead of the previous Qualifier series. The Sportmax Q2 offers improved grip, cornering stability and steering response which adds to the quality of the ride. Some of the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 features that make them a leader in performance are:

  •  Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) adds more latitude choices when cornering  and improves steering control at greater angles.
  • Radical Profile provides a larger footprint to add to traction and stability for better handling on leaner angles and corners.
  • Advanced Multi-Tread technology combines a tough, long-wearing center compound for increased mileage with a special lateral-grip compound on each shoulder for superior cornering traction.
  • New carcass construction includes continuous hex beads that are lighter and stronger to enhance steering response and increase cornering stability.
  • Q2 rear tire features stiffer Joint less Band (JLB) construction with a continuously wound aramid belt for reduced carcass distortion.
Inside the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tires

Inside the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tire

All these features combine to make one of the most versatile Sport bike tires on the Street and the Track. The Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tire with all these features makes for a more enjoyable ride. The Sportmax Q2 feels right like it was menat to be on the road. Check out Time to Ride for excellent prices on  Dunlop Tires and for fair priced quality installation. Time to Ride has most sizes in stock front and Rear Dunlop Q2 tires in stock as well as other tires to choose from. If you have the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires on your sport bike please leave a review and let us what you think of them.

Time to Ride cruising into the New Year

Time to Ride Motorcycle, ATV Repair Shop and More in Fredericksburg, VA is excited to push through to 2012. Time to Ride is continuing to evolve, morphing into a full scale Motorcycle and ATV Repair and Maintaince shop with all the extras. We have alot of plans for 2012 that we are excited about. Time to Ride has been going through many changes in the last year. Through all these changes we have not forgotten what built this company and our goals for the future reflect all we have learned being in the Motorcycle Repair business for many years. Time to Ride was built by Riders for Riders, being riders we saw a need for a Motorcycle Shop that would provide fair, competively priced maintance and service upgrades for our fellow riders in and around Fredericksburg, VA. We have wanted to and worked hard with this business model to build a great name for Time to Ride and the services we provide. Time to Ride knows when it come to Motorcycle Repair its all about the Mechanic combined with the proper tools. We have invested in both of these new and well maintained equipment and careful, detailed service mechanics. Time to Ride has alot to look forward to in 2012 so check us out and together lets find more TIME TO RIDE.

Time to Ride is excited about the final stages of construction of their new showroom. The showroom will display our products everything from Spectro Oil to helmets and some other Motorcycle and ATV accessories. This will also be a comfortable place to get in and review some of our catalogs and the wide range of products we can order for you. Most of the orders placed in store will arrive within two days. Time to Ride along with offering more Motorcycle accesories and gear is also looking to create a rider friendly enviorment to hang out and enjoy some other riders. We have designed a nice lounge area equipped with couches and a big screen TV. The lounge area will be great to wait while your motorcycle or ATV gets one of timely service or a great pit stop to just hang out and talk Motorcycles.

Time to Ride is also listed as a dealer now and will be buying and selling used Motorcycles and ATVs. We will be using our showroom to display these Motorcycles and ATVs to offer more to the customer. Time to Ride wants to make purchasing a used Motorcycle or ATV as convient as possible. We considered competive fair priced equipment apart of that convience.

In other Time to Ride 2012 plans we will be attending the National Motorcycle and ATV retail Convention in Indianapolis,Indiana. We will be sharing the news of new products and knowledge we gain at this convention here on this blog and in the store. The convention will definately give us somethings to talk about around the watercooler for months. Keep up with our Facebook and blog to see some of the reviews and information on some of the new products for 2012. We are also geting spring fever kinda early cause we are already thinking about a Open House in spring. Hopefully we can meet some fellow riders and friends and give everyone a good opportunity to come out and see our new shop and showroom. TIme to Ride is also going to host bike nights at our location starting in the spring. All of the news will be anounced on here and Facebook if you wanna keep up with Time to Ride.

Lets all make a New Year Resolution to find more Time to Ride in 2012.

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 Time to Ride in Fredericksburg, Va is now offering used Motorcycles and ATVs. We are hoping to offer a good selection of Motorcycles and ATVs at a fair price for this area. Time to Ride also offers all Motorcycle and ATV repairs and services. We also stock and can get your Motorcycle parts and accesories in a timely matter at a fair competive price. We have a expericenced staff of customer service representives and a experienced technicians. We are taking our experience in the services and now expanding to offering used Motorcycle sales. We will be adding some used inventory to our home website at timetorideofva.com so check it out to keep up with our selection. If there is something you are looking for feel free to email or call us at 540-374-0587. Come on in and check us out and see our new facility in Fredericksburg, VA Time to Ride is offering a great winter rate on repair and services. Let us make sure you are Ready When its TIME TO RIDE.

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