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Winterize and safely store your Motorcycle

Dont Let This Happen to Your Bike

Here at Time to Ride we know how important your Motorcycle is to you mostly because we are owners and riders ourselves. Time to Ride is Fredericksburg Va’s premier shop for maintenance, upgrades and service. Time to Ride has a knowledgeable staff of technicians who enjoy everything there is to motorcycles. Time to Rides main goal is to make sure your ride is ready when its TIME TO RIDE. We offer a few winter maintenance packages with different options so come on in or call and see what we have to offer for you.

In Virginia the winters are not too severe but alot of motorcycle owners choose to store their bike for the season. We want to help make sure this storage doesn’t cause any problems when its TIME TO RIDE again. Here is a checklist of things to do before you store your motorcycle.

  • Change oil and oil filter
  •  Fill the gas up and add fuel stabilizer
  • Check all the other fluids and tire pressure
  • Install a battery tender
  • Wash and Polish  Bike

This checklist is fairly easy to do and is just apart of owning a motorcycle. Here at Time to Ride we hate to see a bike not being cared for it truly bothers us. If you need any help getting your bike ready for the winter season feel free to call us for a quote on your bike. Time to Ride sells the battery tender and all the other parts you would need if you decide to handle this yourself. If you have any questions about any of this also feel free to call Time to Ride at (540) 374-0587 we would be more than happy to help any way we can. We want you to be ready this spring when it’s finally Time to Ride again.

Ed Nimith II at Time to Ride with Keith Wilson
Owner Ed Nimeth II with Keith Wilson at TIme to Ride Motorcycle and ATV repair Shop

Keith Wilson Shows up at Time to Ride in Fredericksburg VA,

 Time to Ride Motorcycle and Repair Shop in Fredericksburg VA got a unexpected visit from Keith Wilson on NOV. 15 2011. Keith Wilson was in Fredericksburg VA visiting the Barbarian Fight Club who trains here in Fredericksburg VA.  Time to Ride is located in the building where the MMA fighters used to train known as the  The Kennel. Keith Showed up here hoping to get some mat time in with the boys in the Barbarian Fight Club. Time to Ride has totally renovated the formal Kennel and is building a great Motorcycle Repair Shop and a Showroom to sell accessories and Motorcycles and ATVs.

Keith Wilson is a well known MMA, Wrestling, No Gi Grappling Coach he has achieved many accomplishments in wrestling and as a coach. Keith Wilson is a 3 time USA Wrestling National Team member. Keith Wilson is from Colorado and has trained with and coached many of the top fighters from Colorado. He is a 5 time Armed Forces Wrestling Champion  and earned a bronze Medal-World Military Wrestling Championship. Keith has trained and coached and shared his love for the fight here in Fredericksburg in the past. Since The Kennel is no longer open we referred him to a friend of Time to Ride who has another MMA and training Facility here in Fredericksburg. Chad LeBrun is running and the main instructor at The Lab. Chad LeBrun is a friend of the business and is a successful MMA fighter and a well known trainer here in Fredericksburg VA. Time to Ride would definitely reccomend Chad LeBrun and The Lab to anyone who is looking for the next level in training or fitness.

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV repair and more is open for business and visitors feel free to stop on in and check out the new shop. You never know who or what you might see at Time to Ride. We are open from 9-6 Mon-Sat and can be reached for any questions at 540.374.0587. Come on in and see if there is anything we can do for you and your ride. Now is the time to make sure your Motorcycle will be ready for spring when its the right TIME TO RIDE.