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Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tires perfect from the Street to the Track

Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tires everything you can ask for in a High Performance Tire for your Street Bike

Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tires built and Engineered for Performance on Street and the Track

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV Shop in Fredericksburg VA is stocking Tires and more for the customers convenience. We know how important Motorcycle Tires are for safety and the comfort of the ride. We have chosen a few different types and styles that we are keeping in stock. Time to Ride will add more selection as we get closer to the spring. We can order any tire you want and get it most orders in within about 3 days. Stop on by or call us at 540-374-0587 for prices on the tires you want or talk to our knowledgeable staff about what you are looking for in your next set of tires

Dunlop has been a well known manufacturer of all types of Tires. Dunlop has been producing quality rubber tires since 1900 thats history in the making. Dunlop has produced everything from bicycle tires to aircraft tires that’s Experience. Dunlop is constantly evolving with better engineering and components to be one of the most recommended tires on the road. Dunlop is a well known name in all of today’s Motor Sports where they can display and test new technologies. Dunlop is one of the most trusted names in motorcycle tires known for there quality and ability to meet and exceed riders expectations. Dunlop produces tires for any type of motorcycle as well as performance tires for dirt bikes. Dunlop Tires are are top of the line and are an exceptional value try them out for yourself you will be glad you did.

The Dunlop Sportmax Q2 is one of the best tires for your street bike. The Sportmax Q2 is engineered to be the perfect tire from the street to the track. The Dunlop Q2 seems to be light years ahead of the previous Qualifier series. The Sportmax Q2 offers improved grip, cornering stability and steering response which adds to the quality of the ride. Some of the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 features that make them a leader in performance are:

  •  Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) adds more latitude choices when cornering  and improves steering control at greater angles.
  • Radical Profile provides a larger footprint to add to traction and stability for better handling on leaner angles and corners.
  • Advanced Multi-Tread technology combines a tough, long-wearing center compound for increased mileage with a special lateral-grip compound on each shoulder for superior cornering traction.
  • New carcass construction includes continuous hex beads that are lighter and stronger to enhance steering response and increase cornering stability.
  • Q2 rear tire features stiffer Joint less Band (JLB) construction with a continuously wound aramid belt for reduced carcass distortion.
Inside the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tires

Inside the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Motorcycle Tire

All these features combine to make one of the most versatile Sport bike tires on the Street and the Track. The Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tire with all these features makes for a more enjoyable ride. The Sportmax Q2 feels right like it was menat to be on the road. Check out Time to Ride for excellent prices on  Dunlop Tires and for fair priced quality installation. Time to Ride has most sizes in stock front and Rear Dunlop Q2 tires in stock as well as other tires to choose from. If you have the Dunlop Sportmax Q2 tires on your sport bike please leave a review and let us what you think of them.


Time to Ride cruising into the New Year

Time to Ride Motorcycle, ATV Repair Shop and More in Fredericksburg, VA is excited to push through to 2012. Time to Ride is continuing to evolve, morphing into a full scale Motorcycle and ATV Repair and Maintaince shop with all the extras. We have alot of plans for 2012 that we are excited about. Time to Ride has been going through many changes in the last year. Through all these changes we have not forgotten what built this company and our goals for the future reflect all we have learned being in the Motorcycle Repair business for many years. Time to Ride was built by Riders for Riders, being riders we saw a need for a Motorcycle Shop that would provide fair, competively priced maintance and service upgrades for our fellow riders in and around Fredericksburg, VA. We have wanted to and worked hard with this business model to build a great name for Time to Ride and the services we provide. Time to Ride knows when it come to Motorcycle Repair its all about the Mechanic combined with the proper tools. We have invested in both of these new and well maintained equipment and careful, detailed service mechanics. Time to Ride has alot to look forward to in 2012 so check us out and together lets find more TIME TO RIDE.

Time to Ride is excited about the final stages of construction of their new showroom. The showroom will display our products everything from Spectro Oil to helmets and some other Motorcycle and ATV accessories. This will also be a comfortable place to get in and review some of our catalogs and the wide range of products we can order for you. Most of the orders placed in store will arrive within two days. Time to Ride along with offering more Motorcycle accesories and gear is also looking to create a rider friendly enviorment to hang out and enjoy some other riders. We have designed a nice lounge area equipped with couches and a big screen TV. The lounge area will be great to wait while your motorcycle or ATV gets one of timely service or a great pit stop to just hang out and talk Motorcycles.

Time to Ride is also listed as a dealer now and will be buying and selling used Motorcycles and ATVs. We will be using our showroom to display these Motorcycles and ATVs to offer more to the customer. Time to Ride wants to make purchasing a used Motorcycle or ATV as convient as possible. We considered competive fair priced equipment apart of that convience.

In other Time to Ride 2012 plans we will be attending the National Motorcycle and ATV retail Convention in Indianapolis,Indiana. We will be sharing the news of new products and knowledge we gain at this convention here on this blog and in the store. The convention will definately give us somethings to talk about around the watercooler for months. Keep up with our Facebook and blog to see some of the reviews and information on some of the new products for 2012. We are also geting spring fever kinda early cause we are already thinking about a Open House in spring. Hopefully we can meet some fellow riders and friends and give everyone a good opportunity to come out and see our new shop and showroom. TIme to Ride is also going to host bike nights at our location starting in the spring. All of the news will be anounced on here and Facebook if you wanna keep up with Time to Ride.

Lets all make a New Year Resolution to find more Time to Ride in 2012.

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