New Michelin Commander 2 designed for American and Metric Cruisers

The New Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle Tires designed to outperform and last longer then the Competition

New Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle Tires at Time to Ride

The new Michelin Commander 2Motorcycle Tires are great tires from a well known Tire manufacture. Time to Ride is excited to be carrying the Michelin Commander 2 motorcycle tires in Fredericksburg, Va. Time to Ride is limited with what and how many tires they can stock so we get the tires that we know and trust. The Commander 2 is a new line from Michelin designed for American and Metric Cruisers. Time to Ride knows experience means knowledge and we know Michelin has over 100 years experience in rubber and Tire manufacturing. Michelin is a company that stands behind its product and Time to Ride stands for that. Michelin produces tires for many applications and industries from bicycles to space shuttles.Michelin is one of the top suppliers of American car tires and is a leader in Motorcycle and ATV markets also. The Majority of Michelin Tires and products are produced right here in the USA  and Michelin continues to invest into its factory’s and employees here in the USA. Michelin understands that a product can only be as good as the materials it is made of so they continue to use only the highest quality raw goods. Michelin is built on experience but continues to develop new production procedures and advancements in materials due to its large investments in to research and testing. They say you cant reinvent the wheel but Michelin continues to make it better. Michelin is also concerned about what effect their product and operations have on our environment and they show this by participating and leading studies that show the effect tires have on the environment. Michelin provides a superior product and is a company that Time to Ride is proud to represent.

The Michelin Commander 2 Motorcycle tire built for American and Metric cruisers is a first class Motorcycle Tire. The Commander 2 from Michelin fits many different motorcycles check out Michelin’s website for a complete list or Call us at Time to Ride to see what Michelin has for you. Time to Ride Motorcycle Shop knows how important tires are for the performance and safety of your Motorcycle. The Michelin Commander 2 has many features that helps award them a top recommendation at Time to Ride. At the top of the list for the Commander 2 motorcycle tire is the advancement in longevity the Commander tires have proven to last almost twice as long as the competition. When it comes to Motorcycle Tires longevity is a big factor and really adds to the value. Other factors that makes the Commander 2 stand out out in comparison is:

Michelin Commander 2 side view

Side view of the Michelin Commander II Motorcycle Tires

Excellent Handling and Stability due to

  • Amplified Density Technology:  A dense, rigid tire casing that enhances feel,Handling and response
  • Aramid tread plies in the rear tire resist centrifugal growth and reduce weight, for excellent stability even at highway speeds
  • All-new rubber compound formulated to improve grip on wet or dry roads, and add to durability

Eye Catching Effective New Look

  • Eye Catching one of a kind new tread design
  • A premium sidewall that enhances cruiser styling
  • Innovative longitudinal tread pattern designed to improve water evacuation and grip on wet road

The innovative design and advanced materials combine to make a longer lasting Motorcycle tire that out performs the competition. The Commander 2 is will add to the performance and and look of your cruiser which in return adds to the enjoyment of the cruise. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy their Time to Ride.

Time to Ride Motorcycle and ATV shop here in Fredericksburg, Va sells and installs the Commander 2. Come on in to Time to Ride and let us help you with your next set of Motorcycle Tires. Come on in or give us a call and talk to our staff about the right tires for you. We have already sold and installed a few pairs of the Commander 2 and will be getting some more feedback soon, If you have any feedback or opinion on Michelin or the Commander 2 tires we appreciate your comments here. Are you ready for your Time to Ride?

  1. Thanks for helping out, excellent information.

  2. Mark says:

    Just got my Commander 2 rear tire today….I’m headed out for at least 3k miles over the next 2 weeks. Even taking it easy because of greasy new tires….I can tell there’s an instant improvement in the corners (rolls in and out easier) and the ride (smoother). In the words of Arnold: “I’ll be back” to let you know how it handles on the highway and the mountains…

    • Mark says:

      I’m back from my ride. Only got about 2,200 miles on the tire….second week didn’t get the rides in, like we thought. For full disclosure, I got this tire, out of necessity…. I was 3 days from my trip….and needed a back tire and they had this tire and it fit. I needed it. End of story. Time to Ride told me this was a harder compound than my OEM tires. So I just took it a little easier on hard turning, and wet surfaces KNOWING that a harder compound has a tendancy to “slip” if you ROD it too much. I rode on black top, concrete, tar black top (tar filling the cracks and there was more tar than road surface black top), and fresh crushed rock and tar surface. I rode ALL of these surfaces on dry HOT days (tar greasey), cold nights, drizzle rain, and sky opening down pours. I rode this tire a little different from my OEM tires. I’ve had 4 sets of OEM tires and this is the first time of getting something different. I NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. This was a SOLID PERFORMING TIRE!! On a slight uphill….in the downpour….I had inches of water in my track and plowed through it with NO ISSUES at all….going 60 mph. We traveled in the 75-80 mph range and it was ROCK SOLID! LOVE this tire…because I understand what I have. I’m hoping I get a longer life out of it than I did from my OEM. Hope this helps you!!

  3. Foy Weaver says:

    I got the Michelin Commander II tires front and rear on my 01 HD Fatboy and love them. Have had them for 8000 miles and love every thing about them. They feel and handle great in all conditions and by looking at them they still look brand new. Definitely recommend these Michelin’s to everyone I ride with. I purchased them at Time to Ride and got a better then fair price and above standard service from the mechanic support to the sales staff. Recommend this shop and the product they sell and the service they provide to everyone.Still waiting to see how long these tires last.

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