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The Progressive International Motorcycle Show is coming to Washington D.C on January 10 through the 12th. The Progressive International Motorcycle show  is on a 12 city tour and we are the 8th stop. The International Motorcycle show was started in 19982 and has continued to evolve over the years. The shows are open to the public and feature new products as well as all the new vehicles from 2014. The motorcycle industry is diverse and it is always a show to see it all come together. This is a great place to be if you live in the MD/DC/ VA area. There will be displays from well known manufactures and local shops representing the leading names. It looks like it will be a good weekend to find some indoor entertainment in this area.

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show will be fun for any caliber rider and even those who don’t ride.  There will definitely be plenty of eye candy with all the leading manufactures being represented all the new bikes will be out there.  Alot of people been wanting to see the new Indian Motorcycle and the new Ducati series also Honda released some models this year you cant find in most dealerships. They also will feature J&P Ultimate Builder Competition which is one of the most diverse builder competition in the world. The JP Cylcles Ultimate Builder Competition is unique cause it reaches more builders and has many different classes of competition. There also will be plenty of local vendors and some of the national vendors like Motorcycle Superstore with large displays of OEM and Aftermarket accessories. You can also see the XDL Street Jam motorcycle Stunt Show full of performers that compete on a National level. The XDL Street Jam stunt show with a twist they actually perform in a one on one setting for a few different competitions along with spending time on the freestyle. In Washington the XDL show will bring special guest  Luke “Duke” Emmons.  You will also have opportunity to attend safety seminars that are helpful as well as equipment checks for helmets.  New this year also is the Progressive Garage that will feature all new slot car motorcycle race track to entertain everyone. At the Progressive Garage you can also be apart of live tank painting and other seminars. There also a ton of sweepstakes prizes from all the leading manufacturers that you have a chance to win. Its definitely worth your time be apart of the Progressive International Motorcycle show weather its in Washington DC or any of the other of the 12 cities.