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Powerpro FI2000I

Powerpro FI2000I

Cobra FI2000 newest Fuel tuner on the market

Here at Time to Ride Motorcycle Shop in Fredericksburg VA we are always looking for more tools and parts to make the Motorcycle experience better. We have been carrying and installing Cobra products since we started. We recommend and stand behind Cobra products. Cobra is a well known company for producing top of the line Motorcycle exhaust and other motorcycle accessories. Cobra has been in business producing exhaust  for over 25 years. Cobra is still owned by the same two founders and continues to design and manufacture quality, innovative products for a wide variety of cruisers. Cobra was the first aftermarket accessories manufacture to customize the popular Japanese cruisers being sold in the USA.  Cobra proudly designs and produces all their products In the USA.

We had the opportunity to install the new Cobra FI2000 Pro Fuel Tuner on a Harley Davidson Fatboy. We have installed many different fuel tuners in the past including the Cobra FI1200. The New Cobra FI2000 is the most advanced fuel tuner available for the cruiser market. The FI2000 PowerPro Fuel Injection tuner is the first of its kind a auto tuner system that keeps up with your motorcycle. The Power Pro eliminates the need for a Dyno tuned map because the uses the latest smart chip technology to continuously read the bike’s EFI delivery at up to 80 times per second. The key to the FI2000 is Cobra’s CVT (Continuously Variable Tuning) which calculates the bike’s rate of acceleration by reading crankshaft rotation at the flywheel and changes in load just as a dynamo meter measures acceleration at the rear wheel.  With the measurements from the CVT system the FI2000 adjust the fuel to air ratio to maximize throttle response and performance. The Cobra FI2000 adjust to the rider and the bike constantly resulting in optimized performance and eliminates the need to ever have to tune the motorcycle again. The system adjust to any additional changes whether you install a new exhaust or engine overhaul the CVT system will analyze and adjust.  The Cobra FI2000 Power  is good investment and will definitely make a difference in the performance of your motorcycle.

If you are interested in more information about the Cobra FI2000 PowerPro fuel tuner contact us at Time to Ride. We can usually have the Cobra FI2000 in stock the next day and can install it for you.