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National Powersports Retail Convention

Time to RIde heading to the National Powersports Retail convention

Time to Ride is suiting up for the 2012 National Powersports Dealer Expo. in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the largest Powersports retailer convention in the USA. The National Powersports Show will feature hundreds of manufacturers of everything in the powersports industry. There will be suppliers there for Motorcyles and ATVs displaying there newest and best products. This show is great for us and we are excited to be able to attend. Time to Ride is a company of riders so we get just as excited about new products and seeing the latest Motorcycles and ATVs. Time to Ride is finishing the construction and looking forward to stocking our shelves and showroom with some great products before spring. We will be updating  our blog and Youtube channel while at the National Powersports Retailer Expo. so you can follow us and get some great information on some accessories for your Motorcycle or ATV. Time to Ride also has a Twitter page where we will be sharing news and events from the Powersports Expo. If are not following us yet check Time to Ride out on Facebook, Twitter and follow our blog. Facebook and Twitter will be used for sales and services specials and news. Our blog will be full of informative information on events, places to Ride and product reviews.

The National Powersports Dealer Expo. is held in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 17-19 2012. This dealer convention is the largest business to business trade show for the Powersports industry in the world. The National Powersports Retailer expo is held in the Indiana Convention center one of the Largest convention centers in the nation. The Indiana Convention Center is a State of the Art building with an amazing layout and conveniently located in the heart of the historic downtown Indianapolis. The Convention Center is connected by sky walks to more hotels then any other convention center. Indianapolis is also the Home to the Superbowl in 2012 to bad we cant attend both.  This will be my first trip to Indianapolis and to the Dealer Expo so I am really looking forward to the experience. I will be posting alot of pictures on the blog from the downtown city to as much as i can cover.

If you are in the Motorcycle or ATV business this is where you wanna be. There is gonna be tons to learn and to see there for powersports dealers. Time to Ride will be busy trying to take in as much as we can a busy 3 days. There is just so much to see we have been trying to plan out what booths we need to attend and a strategy to visit as many as possible. There will be all the top names in manufacturers of parts and accessories and ATVs and Motorcycles. The Dealer Expo floor layout is great with segmented product and lifestyles areas which will make buying easier. This makes it convenient to compare similar products offer by different manufactures. Time to ride is also excited about attending some the 30 different retail and business education seminars. Time to Ride is planning to buy and sell used Motorcycles and ATVS so we will be checking out the National Powersports Auction that will be held there. The National Powersports aution is the largest auction set up just for Powersports Industry. There is gonna be so many things to do and see in just 3 days. Time to Ride is ready to to go exerience the Dealer Expo and gain some knowledge about new products and techniques to better serve our customers. Keep up with the latest news from the Powersports Dealer Expo with Time to Ride. Be sure to join us on facebook and Twitter.

Winterize and safely store your Motorcycle

Dont Let This Happen to Your Bike

Here at Time to Ride we know how important your Motorcycle is to you mostly because we are owners and riders ourselves. Time to Ride is Fredericksburg Va’s premier shop for maintenance, upgrades and service. Time to Ride has a knowledgeable staff of technicians who enjoy everything there is to motorcycles. Time to Rides main goal is to make sure your ride is ready when its TIME TO RIDE. We offer a few winter maintenance packages with different options so come on in or call and see what we have to offer for you.

In Virginia the winters are not too severe but alot of motorcycle owners choose to store their bike for the season. We want to help make sure this storage doesn’t cause any problems when its TIME TO RIDE again. Here is a checklist of things to do before you store your motorcycle.

  • Change oil and oil filter
  •  Fill the gas up and add fuel stabilizer
  • Check all the other fluids and tire pressure
  • Install a battery tender
  • Wash and Polish  Bike

This checklist is fairly easy to do and is just apart of owning a motorcycle. Here at Time to Ride we hate to see a bike not being cared for it truly bothers us. If you need any help getting your bike ready for the winter season feel free to call us for a quote on your bike. Time to Ride sells the battery tender and all the other parts you would need if you decide to handle this yourself. If you have any questions about any of this also feel free to call Time to Ride at (540) 374-0587 we would be more than happy to help any way we can. We want you to be ready this spring when it’s finally Time to Ride again.